Articles for Tuesday

Sorry for the delay in blog posts, finals week took over my life but I am done with that now and back to complete posting…

Climb   Columnist Mark Steyn writes for the National Review about how the GOP is in the midst of scaling a huge mountain in their climb back to importance in Washington. There have been many obstacles that have fallen in their way but they need to stay strong to their principles and keep chipping away. It is a very good read.

Be the Party of No    Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard supports an idea that I have been a fan of for quite some time. The GOP has been ridiculed by Democrats for being the “Party of No”. Republicans have tried to fight off this label, but Barnes and I agree that the party should become the “Party of No”. They should represent the party that says no more taxes and ear marks. They should be the party of no letting up on terrorists. They need to become the party of no more bailouts. They need to announce they are the party of no more big, interfering government in America. Barnes takes on these issues and illustrates how it could lead to a Republican turnaround.


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