Article for Thursday and commentary

Should the GOP forget Reagan?   It certainly seems like a silly idea to forget about the greatest politician to have been a part of your party and Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal addresses exactly how ridiculous it is. Many pundits have questioned what the Republican Party should do as it crumbles apart, with most saying that it needs to become more moderate and welcome in more people. True conservatives, however, would argue just the opposite. The GOP tried to run the moderate candidate in John McCain and they got blown out. George W. Bush acted like a Democrat when it came to spending and he was heavily criticized. Republicans are now trying to figure out what their next step should be in rebranding the GOP image.

I initially thought that the listening tour, called the National Council for a New America created by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, was a good idea. After listening to the opinions of other conservatives, however, I realized that listening is the last thing Republicans need to be doing. Republicans need to start telling Americans exactly what their plans, ideas and policies are.

Americans want the same things that Americans have always wanted. The most important thing is to have the ability to have a job and to provide for their family. People want a fair chance to earn success when they work hard and that is exactly what the American Dream is all about. Republicans need to get to work and tell Americans how their economic policies will take care of this first want and to convince people that their plans will benefit everyone. They don’t need to become more moderate, they just need to do a better job of articulating policies and convincing people their ways will help them out.

The second thing that Americans want is leadership from their politicians. Whether or not you like his policies, everyone can agree that President Obama is the undisputed leader and voice of the Democratic Party. It can be argued, and has been, that Obama’s style of leadership does not work for a president, but any leadership is better than the zero leadership shown by GOP members. Someone needs to step up and present not only forceful opposition to President Obama’s policies, but articulate conservative policies to the American people and let them know how those policies will assist Americans.

The third thing Americans want from politicians is consistency. Being called out for “flip-flopping” is not a good thing in the political world. People want to know exactly where their representatives stand on issues. Staying on message is another thing President Obama excels at and Republicans have recently struggled with. Conservatives and fiscal responsibility have usually been connected to the Republican Party, but Republicans have not acted fiscally responsible at all as of late. They need to re-establish themselves as the party of fiscal conservatism and get back to the message that won them so many voters.

Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp were fabulous at articulating policies, staying on message and providing leadership. The last thing Republicans should do is stray away from Reagan. While it is very sad to see a great person and politician like Jack Kemp pass away, the names of Kemp and Reagan are now back on the minds of conservatives, which has to be a good thing. Maybe Jack and Ronald will be able to provide some more guidance from up above in a time when Republicans desperately need it.


One Response to “Article for Thursday and commentary”

  1. Danee Garone Says:

    Well done sir. The show is up. For anyone who wants to hear that commentary.

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