The far-left bashing of Palin continues

On the Rush Limbaugh Show on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that while many have proclaimed the Republican Party to be dead, critics in the media and from far-left group have continued to bash Sarah Palin. They have called out problems in her family that have nothing to do with her, as well as making constant critiques of her in her job as Alaska and her role in the Republican Party. Palin has constantly been derided as being dumb and making stupid comments. She has been repeatedly treated unfairly in what the media portrays to Americans. True, Palin did not fair well in interviews during the 2008 election, but she was unexperienced and this was to be expected. Palin quickly improved her off the cuff communication skills, delivering a solid showing in the vice presidential debate. While journalists across the nation were dispatched to Alaska to dig for dirt on the unknown Palin, rarely was there any effort to look for background info on Barack Obama.

So the question is, why is there such a dislike for and determination to degrade Sarah Palin? Rush Limbaugh believes that it is because the far-left fears her. This seems like a pretty reasonable explanation to me. If she is as dumb and clueless as the media and far-left wants us to believe, why don’t they just leave her alone? Why is there a constant need to bash her? If the Republican Party is dead, the the liberals should just move on and find something else to talk about. While I hear lots about President Barack Obama, I hear far more about the demise of the Republican Party than I do about the Democratic Party, who is actually in power.

You really don’t hear too many liberals bashing Republicans like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Newt Gingrich and Eric Cantor. After Bobby Jindal gave an awful delivery in his televised address to the nation, the media has forgotten about him and the liberals have ignored him. Palin, however, continues to attract negative attention from liberals. I believe, as does Limbaugh, that this is because liberals view her as a threat and they must attack her at any cost. Limbaugh is the same way in that liberals see him as a threat and need to cut him down. Obama’s own administration has attempted to turn Americans against Limbaugh because he presents such a strong and articulate message for conservatives. That strategy backfired and Limbaugh has only gained more listeners. The far-left despises Limbaugh’s ability to connect with Americans and spread his message. The same goes for Palin, as she is just as conservative as Limbaugh.

While the GOP tries to come up with ideas to change their ways in Washington, the real answer is still in Alaska. Palin has the ability to connect with the religious right, national security hawks and fiscal conservatives all at the same time. She also has the rare characteristic of a being a small-town mom and can connect with ‘Main Street’ America. Being from Alaska gives her the chance to come into Washington as a true outsider, something that will play well with Americans that are sick of politics as usual in our capitol. She is an electrifying speaker and is a well-known, young personality. She needs to improve her abilities to adequately handle interviews and she also needs to gain experience in the foreign policy field. Those things can be fixed over the next few years and Palin will improve as a politician with experience. There is a reason that the liberals despise her. The GOP needs to unleash the one weapon of theirs that Democrats are afraid of.


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