SPECIAL SPORTS POST: The New York Yankees suck and it is really upsetting

I’m a New York Yankees fan. The tradition, pinstripes, magic and aura of the organization is amazing to me. I used to be a Yankee hater, but I was just conforming to what other people were doing. When I finally had the ability to think for myself, I realized that the Yankee franchise is what sports is all about. A passionate ownership, a constant striving for championships and nothing less, intense fans and magical moments throughout their history. The Yankees are the American Dream, building up a conglomerate from a simple baseball squad.

The problem is that the magic has faded over the past few years. Instead of the homegrown talent like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Bernie Williams, the Yankees have relied on buying the best free agents on the market and hoped that putting together an all-star roster will help produce a championship. Recently, however, it has been well documented that this approach does not work. You need tough players who play hard every day and have chemistry. The Yankees have really focused on just buying the best players instead of putting together the best roster.

What makes things worse is that their arch-rival, the Boston Red Sox, have done everything perfectly over the past few years, including getting some lucky bounces. The Red Sox attempted to get Alex Rodriguez but the Yankees traded young superstar Alfonso Soriano to get A-Rod. After all of the issues that A-Rod has been through and all of the playoff disasters he has been a part of, its clear the Sox lucked out. Soriano, in the meantime, has blossomed into the best leadoff hitter in the game. The Yankees also outbid the Sox for Cuban pitcher Jose Contreras, who turned into a huge waste of money for the Bronx Bombers. Again, the Sox lucked out. This past winter, the Red Sox tried to sign blue-chip free agent Mark Teixeira. At the last second, the Yankees came in and signed Teixeira, which according to many baseball experts was the move that would lead the Yankees back to glory. As Teixeira struggles to hit over .200 in the first month and the Yankees hover around .500, Yankee fans wonder why all the luck has turned against them.

I would have to say that the new Yankee Stadium is just depressing. Actually, I haven’t been there so I can’t say for sure, but every time there are Yankee highlights on ESPN, all I can see is empty seats behind home plate. It looks like an exhibition game or something other then Yankee baseball. The old Yankee Stadium had so many amazing moments in it and early indications seem to show that it will be a while before we see any more magical moments in the new ballpark. As Robinson Cano stepped to the plate with the bases loaded Monday night against Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon, it seemed as though this would finally be the new moment for Yankee Stadium. Down two, against the hated Red Sox, this would be the baptism of Yankee Stadium. A glorious comeback that could finally turn momentum around for the Yankees.

Cano struck out swinging to end the game.

The Yankees have a pathetic bullpen. They completely overpaid for reliever Damaso Marte, who has been horrible this season. Rivera has already blown a save against the Sox. Chien-Ming Wang, who was thought to be a solid starter for the rotation, was miserable in his first three starts and couldn’t make it past the fifth inning in any outing. Offseason additions to the rotation, C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett, have both been inconsistent, with Burnett blowing a six run lead against the Red Sox. There is a lack of clutch hitting in big games and injuries have already hit hard, leaving Jorge Posada, Xavier Nady and Brian Bruney all on the DL.

Right now, there seems to be no avoiding it. The New York Yankees suck. But there is plenty of time to turn things around. A-Rod will come back from his hip injury to provide more power and protection for Teixeira. Wang has looked much better in minor league games. Bruney will help the bullpen once he gets healthy. The MLB season is very long and gives plenty of time for teams to come back from tough starts. For now though, Yankee fans will have to accept that their team just isn’t very good.


2 Responses to “SPECIAL SPORTS POST: The New York Yankees suck and it is really upsetting”

  1. Raven Says:

    I blame Wang’s horrible starts on the Yankees coaching and medical staff.
    They should have realized that a pitcher who had been sidelined for over 8 months needed more time and physical therapy sessions to rebuild his strength. But somehow they managed to misjudge Wang’s condition, threw him on the mound and let him take all the blame.

  2. Marshall Says:

    Thank You! This made my week!

    FYI-Drew Sexton will pay up on lost bets. Let’s go Red Sox!

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