Obama meets with leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan

President Barack Obama met with the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan Wednesday afternoon to discuss what steps were necessary to take in order to combat the Taliban. An AP article has the whole story here. Basically, Obama needed to have Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari make a stronger commitment to fighting Taliban and al-Qaeda forces, as both group have stepped up the intensity of violence in the region. Pakistan has an array of nuclear weapons in Islamabad and the Taliban seems to be making a march to the city. Without stepping up defense in the area, the Taliban could capture those weapons in what would be a complete game changer.

President Obama has taken over the war in Afghanistan as his own. The result of the war will be on his shoulders. At the same time, recent civilian deaths in Afghanistan because of U.S. airstrikes have stolen some of the attention from the meeting. Obama was a huge critic of the rumored civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan when he was a senator. Now that he is president, the responsibility for those attacks goes to him. He is walking a fine line right now because it is absolutely mandatory that the Afghan and Pakistani forces completely co-operate with American forces. The war on terror will take a frightening turn if the Taliban is able to storm into Islamabad and take possession of nuclear weapons. Check out more on the civilian deaths story on the Wall Street Journal website.


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