Articles for Tuesday and video debate on gay marriage

Now He Has The Hammer   David Kahane writes for the National Review, using a satirical look on President Obama’s presidency so far from the view of a leftist. Or is it satire? I feel like it is fairly accurate in terms of what Kahane writes, although probably not politically correct. Then again, most anything said about anyone nowadays is politically incorrect. Very funny read.

The GOP is the Problem, not Conservatism   David Limbaugh writes in Townhall that the Republican Party’s problem is not that it has become too conservative, but that it has become too moderate. He uses poll number to show that many more Americans describe themselves as conservatives rather than liberals. What is scary for the GOP is that there are more people that call themselves conservatives than Republicans. That means the Republicans have lost that connection to their core base. The reason is that Republicans have simply not acted as conservatives, which has cost them dearly in the past few elections. President Obama continues to portray his far left agenda as “centrist” and he is getting away with it in the media. The media relays this image to the American people and Obama’s plans are then assumed to be middle of the road when in fact they are not. So far, Obama has not gotten anything passed or approved of with bipartisan support. George W. Bush passed the No Child Left Behind Act and his tax cuts packages with bipartisan support. Just because you say you will be bipartisan doesn’t mean you are acting like it.

Below is a debate on Larry King Live between gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and talk radio host Dennis Prager. I haven’t talked about this topic too much, but I am sure you know where I stand. Let me know what you think of this debate and who had the better points.


2 Responses to “Articles for Tuesday and video debate on gay marriage”

  1. notscarednew Says:

    wjRead up on something else left by the Bush Administration still going on in Austin, TX.
    They left a weapon for the police department in Austin, TX to torture and violate people’s rights without anyone knowing.

  2. Erin Says:

    Perez’s argument about re-defining marriage (in the past between races) is a very good point. he totally blows out Denis’s point. I hate debates like this where each person is so set in their views that they don’t do anything constructive. I am impressed by Perez’s ability to stay cool under such direct attacks to his beliefs.
    I agree that there SEEM to be things that only women can give to children and things that only men can give to children. But that believe is based on assumptions we’ve made about the differences between men and women’s behavior. Not all men are the burly type that would teach their son to light a fire, and not all women are the homebody type that can teach their daughter too cook. Our society is continuously re-defining gender roles, I think its only a matter of time before gays get the equal rights they deserve. Civil marriage is their right, and religious marriages can claim differently.

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