Daily Articles for Thursday; Conservative opinions on Obama’s 100 days

100 Days: ‘Harry, I have a gift’   After delivering an outstanding speech as a freshman senator, Barack Obama was greeted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The senator of Nevada congratulated Obama on his performance and Obama responded “Harry, I have a gift.” Yes, even the staunchest conservative can realize that when Obama has his teleprompters in front of him, he has the ability to turn words into magic and make everyone believe that he is with them and understands their side of the problem. Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal points out that Obama’s gift might end up hurting him in the long run. Henninger points out that Obama’s habit of making everyone hear what they want to hear has already misled some top aides, leading to what seems to be an unclear view of policies and contradiction on issues like the AIG bonuses and the enhanced interrogation memos. Going back to Obama’s days at the Harvard Law School, he had the same ability to connect with people on both sides of an argument, leading Al Gore’s former chief of staff Ron Klain to comment that that style of leadership is more effective running a law review than it is running a country. In the next few years, we will truly see how effective this style of leadership is.

The Real Culture War Is Over Capitalism   A truly fabulous article by Arthur C. Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute. Brooks points out that the real social issue in America today is free market economics, not abortion or same -sex marriage. The issue is whether or not believe that free enterprise and capitalism are still the building blocks our economy should be built on. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are what make this country so great, showing the ability to be creative and work hard and eventually create a viable company from scratch while having minimal interference and taxing from the government. President Obama, according to many economists, seems to be against these principles and instead favors a system in which the government is the big player in the economy and that redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor is the way to go. Liberals agree, while conservatives believe that capitalism is still the best thing our country has, even though there may be severe drops every 25 to 30 years or so. Brooks argues that “fairness” is protecting merit, freedom and hard work, not taking from the minority to give to the majority to make financial situations closer to equal. Poll numbers seem to indicate that many Americans still agree with Brooks. He also points out that it is not fair for politicians to reward companies who performed poorly, banks that cheated and homeowners who didn’t pay mortgages. The companies and banks that did things right and the homeowners that took care of their mortgages are being treated unfairly. A universal health-care plan, Brooks says, will make going to the doctor about as enjoyable as going to the local DMV. Free market based options for health care are still the way to go but if people and politicians don’t stand up for capitalism soon, we may not see them ever again.


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